The Fusion Line brings together all the Glasart products

developed for temperature control and maintenance of hot

foods in distribution lanes.

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Manufactured with high-quality materials and finishes the Fusion Line products deliver durability and resistance

to the required high temperatures of distribution lanes without overlooking their elegance and functionality.


The infrared lamps are an ideal complement to efficient hot food maintenance. In addition to providing adequate lighting to the distribution service, they also provide heat to assist in keeping required temperatures.


The maintenance of food temperatures above 60º C (140o Fahrenheit) in the distribution lanes is fundamental for the quality of the services besides being a mandatory obligation of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Stainless steel is widely used in the food industry due to its properties of hardness, durability, hygiene and ease of cleaning besides its aesthetic qualities.

Manutenção Quente - Linha Fusion - Glasart


Original ideas translate into commercial efficiency from the point o view  of economy, practicality and elegance.

Fabricante exclusivo do Vidro Termoelétrico
para manutenção da temperatura dos alimentos oferece também Pistas Refrigeradas, Protetores e outros produtos para restaurantes.

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