Smart Line are smart accessories that complement
the other Glasart products.
Designed to provide greater
functionality and performance
of space, with design and sophistication.

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See the various types of beading composition of the Premium Line on Glasart Thermoelectric Glasses Access Projects in the menu bar.


Aluminum is one of the materials with the highest temperature conductivity. It provides the heaters with even heat transmission inside. They are ideal for use with Glasart Thermoelectric Glasses.


Designed to take full advantage of the heat generation of Glasart Thermoelectric Glasses, they have a flat base and are interchangeable for greater space utilization.


Food served on elegant platters in shape and vibrant in color, greatly value the final exposure and convey warmth.

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Access below the Posts in our Blog that talk about food exposition in distribution lanes.

Fabricante exclusivo do Vidro Termoelétrico
para manutenção da temperatura dos alimentos oferece também Pistas Refrigeradas, Protetores e outros produtos para restaurantes.

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