The Box Line offers Branches
planned for all
the necessities
in the buffet service.
With practical and modern design,
value the environment and are
in perfect harmony and unity
with all Glasart products.


Modernos e elegantes são opção diferenciada para o serviço de distribuição de alimentos.


Widely used for counter tops in distribution
of food, granite offers beauty and nobility
to the furniture and also facilitates cleaning.


Glasart balconies are structured with painted carbon steel, where casters are fixed for mobility and cleaning.


The basic material used in Glasart counters is the 15mm MDF. This material is widely used in furniture of high quality and standard. Can be formed according to textures and colors defined by the client.

Mobiliário - Linha Box - Glasart


Differentiated ideas that translate into commercial efficiency by the characteristics of economy and practicality
and elegance presented, provide well-being to consumers and return to investors.

Fabricante exclusivo do Vidro Termoelétrico
para manutenção da temperatura dos alimentos oferece também Pistas Refrigeradas, Protetores e outros produtos para restaurantes.

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