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Products that excel by their
efficiency and adaptability to
various types of use. They operate on the
principle of heat transfer by contact and conduction.
They meet with practicality and elegance the needs for
coffee services in the morning, or large buffets
of salads and desserts any time.
They are great for refrigeration needs in locations
locations without the availability
of power outlets.

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Glasart’s Artic Line, developed for the maintenance of cold food, offers quality and design
to this important area of the distribution service.


The glycol bags supplied by Glasart for use in the Gella trays, must first be placed in the freezer for full cooling and subsequently   placed in the Gella trays for use .   After this process ends, a new cooling cycle  can be repeated multiple times.  It offers practicality and flexibility of use.


Refrigerated tracks with  glass or stainless steel contact surfaces exchange heat with the environment or materials placed over them.  They are  driven by condensing or refrigerating units, which operate with gas and have radiators, compressors, and various other components common to most cooling systems. They are the heart of the refrigerated tracks and should always be kept in perfect working order.


In certain situations, nothing replaces ice cubes for cooling food and beverages. Ice Easy Cold Tracks are prepared containers for the use of ice cubes as a cooling element. They have excellent portability and can be allocated in different environments for periods restricted to the thawing of the ice, requiring no power outlets near the places of use.

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Differentiated ideas that translate into commercial efficiency by the characteristics of economy and practicality
and elegance presented, provide well-being to consumers and return to investors.

Fabricante exclusivo do Vidro Termoelétrico
para manutenção da temperatura dos alimentos oferece também Pistas Refrigeradas, Protetores e outros produtos para restaurantes.

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